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Fill Up with Intention. Pro-Chi.

A deliciously different way to eat healthy. Easy, convenient, flavorful and fun.  Our crunchy snacks and protein toppers put healthy eating in the palm of your hand. Shop and get recipe ideas with Pro-Chi. 


Holiday Gift Guide (Under $30!)


A Holiday Gift Guide curated for the health-conscious foodie. Pefect for men or women and stocking stuffers!  And the best part is that all gifts are under $30!


Kim Baker Foods’ 2022 Food Trends Outlook


A look into what’s ahead:

  • Food experience highlights from 2021 and their shape on 2022
  • What’s driving food preferences
  • The future of plant-based snacks
  • Diet trends
  • New healthy snacks for the New Year


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Unconventionally Awesome

Made to Nourish

Healthy snacking and cooking at home just got more interesting. Our organic crunchy lentils defy convention in the most satisfying way and provide everything you need for healthy living and fitness.  Pro-Chi is about energizing our life force through food, embracing possibilities, and turning the ordinary into something exciting. Our food is good, clean and fun, and our products are superfoods packed with whole food nutrition and delicious crunch. Learn more about our story and how Pro-Chi makes a difference in our lives and our community.  

Get to Know Us

Product Overview:

  • Made with organic sprouted lentils baked crunchy with heart healthy avocado oil.
  • A great source of plant protein.
  • Grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan.* Full nutritional information here.
  • Snack it by the handful. Crunchy and delicious, it’s the ultimate healthy snack.
  • Pro-Chi is the perfect plant protein topper to accent just about any food. Get recipe ideas here.
  • Available at Whole Foods, select natural and independent grocers, and on Amazon.

Healthy Snacking On-The-Go and Cooking At Home

Pro-Chi is a healthy protein snack and a convenient way to turn ordinary food into something more interesting.  Our crunchy lentils are different than anything you’ve had before.  They make delicious healthy snacking on-the-go and cooking at home easier.  

A New Way to Be Healthy

We know you’ve got a full plate and that eating healthy isn’t always easy. But healthy snacking and cooking at home is in the palm of your hand with Pro-Chi. Whether you are looking for a healthy on-the-go snack or easy ways to cook healthier at home, we’ve got you covered.  Pro-Chi is a convenient snack that you can munch on by the handful and a plant-based protein topper that turns just about any recipe into something more interesting and delicious.  Pro-Chi is made with sprouted organic lentils that are baked crunchy with healthy avocado oil so you can enjoy them without guilt and feel good about the food you put in your body.

Our healthy lentil snacks have the ideal carb to protein ratio for a post-workout snack and they’re a healthy snack that kids love. Because Pro-Chi doesn’t contain any nuts, they’re a safe and healthy school snack.  Pro-Chi has a low glycemic index score (GI score 13 in case you are counting!) keeping your blood sugar balanced.  Pro-Chi is a healthy food choice for anyone that cares about plant-based nutrition or is following a high protein, low-sugar diet.

Think of Pro-Chi as the most versatile, healthy food to rock your day.  Curious yet?  Shop and check out some of our recipes here.