Sure, it’s 2020 and the holidays aren’t exactly as we might want them, and with all the stress of the year, easy is the name of the game for Thanksgiving recipes. We’ve got some awesome and healthy Thanksgiving dinner ideas that are perfect for any size gathering. No fuss. Just good…and the best part is that they’re good for you!

Easy Recipes

Sweet potatoes? Check. (Recipe here)

Brussels sprouts? Check. (Recipe here)

String Beans? Check. (Recipe here)

All you need is a turkey and some pie and you’re all set.

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Prep Countdown

Monday – Finalize your menu. Get all of your final items from the grocery store – herbs, lemons, stocks – whatever you will need.

Tuesday – If you are using a frozen turkey, today is the day to defrost it. This is the day I do most vegetable prep – peeling, cutting, dicing, blanching. The only thing you wouldn’t want to do this early is potatoes because they oxidize. I would also prepare any dips and spreads that can be made in advance. If you are making stuffing, knock it out today.

Wednesday – Prep your turkey. This is the time for brining etc. I do a lot of assembly the day immediately before the holiday – I would prep appetizers, set the table, make any dessert that I was planning on making whether it be ice cream or pie.

Thursday – I try to keep Thursday pretty simple. The focus is the turkey in the morning and then timing out when things go in the oven. Just about everything should be ready to go at this point and if it’s not – I just take it off the menu : )

You might want to make extra of our Thanksgiving recipes because we’ve also cooked up some amazing leftover recipes that will leave you wanting more. More to come!

Enjoy these recipes for an easy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday. We wish for you a happy and healthy holiday season with all the blessings of love, peace and joy.

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