Wet Paper

The logistics associated with my culinary adventure rivals the strategic inner-workings of an Amazon fulfillment center. I have plotted and mapped routes, analyzed costs, and woven a delicate plan of care for my son who accompanies me for the first time this week. The rain, however, also accompanies us bringing airport delays and reducing the [...]


In less than two weeks, the journey begins, but in many ways it started long before that.  I visited, enrolled, tested the travel plan, and was fitted for my jacket.  A million steps to take the first one.  I am invigorated by the promise and yet somewhat timid to open the door.  It's a bud within the [...]


Static can draw the misplaced like a sock clinging to the inside of a skirt or hem.  And in life that electricity can restrict our senses, keeping us planted where we don’t belong.  For me, food has long created sparkle when what surrounded me was dim.  Inspiration has flowed in when I released entangled sediment.  What I share details a journey that [...]