The weekend was wet and unseasonably chilly, but the underlying scent of spring brought the promise of gleaming sun and warm breezes. Cherry Blossoms and Flowering Dogwoods contrasted the grey morning sky.  It was our last pastry class and the practical exam led us to the final module in the program. We pressed cool butter [...]


I ate buttercream for breakfast and chocolate mousse for lunch. It was a deliciously self-indulgent meal plan. We made gelatin desserts with powders and plastic-like sheets blooming into thick rich textural wonders. Creams came together in silken ribbons and marshmallows melted slowly in our mouths. Buttercream was smudged on the cuffs of my sleeve and [...]


The kitchen smelled like a fanciful child's dream with dancing unicorns and spinning cotton candy. Pinatas swung high in the air as butter bubbled and puppies pounced with each smear of cream. Fermentation was the basis of our study and I was intrigued about how a simple mixture of flour and water could become a [...]