This vegan radish salad recipe is amazing. Seriously. It will make you rethink radishes and wonder why you so rarely eat them.

You do really need a mandoline for this recipe. It’s a worthwhile investment though – one of the most useful kitchen gadgets.

I use a variety of radishes. See what your grocery store has. Perhaps a mix of red radishes, watermelon radishes and daikon. The colors are simply amazing. You’ll want to peel the radishes. I use a paring knife to do this but a peeler would work too. And you’ll need to cut off both ends so they are flat. Set the madoline to a very thin setting – that is very important. You want them to come out paper thin.  And very carefully move the radishes along the blade. Depending on what else you’re eating and how big your radishes are, estimate two per person. Place the sliced radishes into a bowl and add a small amount of very thinly sliced red onions cut julienne and chopped green onion. Drizzle generously with lemon juice – maybe a half a lemon for every three radishes. Drizzle lightly with olive oil and sprinkle generously with salt. Toss to combine.


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