This protein pancake recipe is a healthy breakfast idea that leaves everyone smiling. You can certainly make your own pancake batter recipe, but an easier way is to use a pre-made mix and add nutrition by focusing on what’s folded inside the batter. In this case, we’ve added a few accoutrements to your standard pancake mix to add flavor, texture and nutrition, taking the standard fare up a notch for an easy healthy breakfast.

What you’ll need:

Your favorite pancake mix

Plain greek yogurt

Old fashioned oats

One Bag of Pro-Chi Lentil Crunch Tahini Clusters

Your favorite nut butter

Bananas, sliced (optional)

To make these protein pancakes, prepare your pancake mix as directed in a large bowl. I’ll show you the rest of the recipe assuming you are making 6-8 pancakes – adjust the proportions accordingly. Add 1/4 C. greek yogurt and 2 T. oats to the batter and let sit about 2-3 minutes. Fold in about 1/2 C. of Pro-Chi Lentil Crunch Tahini Clusters, breaking any large clusters into smaller pieces. Place 1/4 C. of your favorite nut butter in teaspoonful dollops into the batter and use a knife to swirl gently throughout, not fully integrating the nut butter with the batter. You want there to be nut butter stripes in the batter. I like to use Nutzo as my nut butter, which tends to be thin so you can also drizzle it into the batter if your nut butter is loose like that. That’s it. Then just cook as usual in a non-stick pan with butter. Top your pancakes with bananas if desired and additional Pro-Chi Lentil Crunch Tahini Clusters.

This easy protein pancake recipe is a simple twist on the ordinary that makes a big impact.

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