Pro-Chi Big Crunch (Four 4oz. Bags)


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Four 4 oz. bags of Pro-Chi.  Each bag has 3.5 servings. Pick between our Harissa Lime flavor, which is slightly zesty, Simply Salted, and Dark Chocolate Drizzle.  

*All flavors are vegan and gluten/grain-free. Ingredients here

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2 reviews for Pro-Chi Big Crunch (Four 4oz. Bags)

  1. Geraldine M Miller

    Would the limited holiday edition be appropriate to give with a monetary gift to my children and grandchildren? I mean a 1 oz. Pouch each!!! Not the whole gift box!!!

    • Kim Baker Foods

      Hi Geraldine, The 1 oz. bag is a single serving and retails for about $3 each, just to give you perspective. I think the bag could be a cute accent to a gift to your grandchildren. Is that helpful?

  2. Geraldine M Miller

    I don’t understand what I am supposed to do! ?? I sent a message/question to you.

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