Basil Infusion

This gluten-free custard meets quiche shines from within due to a basil infusion.

Nutella Cinnamon Muffins

Nutella Cinnamon Muffins made with agave and sprouted spelt flour are high in protein and less indulgent while every bit delicious.

Home Cured Salmon

Whether a breakfast of champions or an amazing charcuterie, this house-cured salmon will kick it up a notch. Curing takes time, but is easy. Give it a try!

Beet Bliss

Pretty in pink. This tarragon and pomegranate beet salad is a beautiful and delicious bowl of nutrition.

Pasta Pomodoro Revisited

Redefining pasta and tomato sauce with coconut milk and ginger. An inspired dinner in 15 minutes for any weeknight.

Carb Fever

Wheatberries, in their utter completeness, are the good kind of carbs, rich with protein and fiber. Plant-based healthy eating!

Add Color to Your Life

Instead of making dinner more complex, make it more interesting by adding color. Purple sweet potatoes are both beautiful and nutritious.

New Power Breakfast

Introducing the Zoodlebowl! A vitamin-packed, low-calorie breakfast that will keep you full all morning.

Winner, Winner

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Easy, healthy and delicious. Does it get any better?

International Mashup

Pesto swirled sweet potatoes go international with this buttery colored Japanese variety.