About Us

Kim Baker Foods was founded with the belief that what we put on our plate shapes who we are and who we can become.  Food provides strength, is an offering of love, and it satisfies our senses.  It fuels our bodies and our spirits – both when we consume it and when we prepare it.  Food supports the relationship we have with ourselves and one another as we gather to enjoy a bite or a meal together.  

Pro-Chi Lentil Crunch bridges our past and future and connects us with each of you.  Lentils have long been regarded as a symbol of good luck and the circle of life across cultures since ancient times, and in my family they were revered for their nutritional profile and the belief that they provided strength when eaten.  Our crunchy take on them is a bit unexpected, providing a delightful surprise on something traditional.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  

If you need to reach us or have questions, contact kbaker@kimbakerfoods.com.