Life, Love, & Lentils

The Seeds of Pro-Chi

Kim Baker Foods was founded with the belief that what we put on our plate shapes who we are and who we can become.  Food provides strength, is an offering of love, and it satisfies our senses.  It fuels our bodies and our spirits – both when we consume it and when we prepare it, as well as our relationships when we share it. Watch to learn more about our beginning.

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Working It

Working It In the Kitchen: Food for the Workweek was our debut cookbook focused on making healthy and delicious food accessible to working families.  

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Culinary Inspiration

A Journey of Healing and Connection

 A 21,600 mile journey through food with lessons in love, healing, and connection. Each entry is a real-time snapshot of culinary school in the aftermath of loss – the foundation for Kim Baker Foods today.

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We are a community of home cooks sharing creativity and inspiration with one another.  Become a member today. 

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