Great taste with great nutrition – a winning combination.

  • A healthy snack anytime of the day – enjoy it as a meal replacement snack, a post-workout snack to refuel, or as a late night snack
  • It’s a great healthy snack idea for kids!
  • Delicious plant protein that can be added to any recipe you cook. Its crunch and flavor make delicious cooking easier. Check out our recipes for inspiration.

Available in four delicious flavors.

Pro-Chi Lentil Crunch flavors include:

  • Simply Salted
  • Tahini Clusters
  • Harissa Lime
  • Dark Chocolate Drizzle

Available in 4 oz. bags. Select flavors also available in single serve bags.  

We use high quality organic, sprouted lentils and hand-bake them to crunchy perfection. 

  • Sprouting the lentils increases their nutrient quality and their bioavailability (a fancy word that means your body can better use the nutrients that are in the food)
  • Lentils are a superfood and contain high levels of iron, potassium and other vital micronutrients. 
  • Pro-Chi has an ideal carb to protein ratio for athletic recovery helping you heal and regain your energy after a workout
  • Our products are also very satiating, keeping cravings at bay so you don’t feel hungry all day
  • Nutritional details here. 

Get to Know Us

Our passion for our products is based on our belief in their ability to strengthen our body and our Chi – our life force- when we share it in community. 

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