Wait till you try this avocado toast! Avocados and Pro-Chi are an amazing pairing. I like to use baguette, but you can use any type of bread, including gluten-free bread. Cut the bread in half and lightly toast it. Set it aside. In a small skillet, heat about 1 t. olive oil over medium heat. Add a smidge (about 1/2  t.) of minced shallots. Let cook 15 seconds. Then add about 6-8 halved grape tomatoes and let cook for an additional 15-30 seconds until beginning to wilt.  Remove from heat and season with salt. Set aside. Slice an avocado in half and place one half over both pieces of the toasted bread. Reserve the remaining half avocado for another use.  Add seared tomatoes over top and sprinkle about 2 T. of Pro-Chi Lentil Crunch over top. I like to use the Harissa Lime flavored Pro-Chi for this but it is also  great with the Simply Salted or Dark Chocolate Drizzle flavors, if you prefer. Enjoy the crunch!  
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