Our new Pro-Chi Lentil Crunch Tahini Clusters have arrived!  This healthy snack is super delicious with the same signature crunch as our original Pro-Chi flavors, clustered with pepitas and sesame seeds and lightly sweetened with a blend of honey and tahini. It is also a great low-calorie snack with only 120 calories per serving and 5g of protein, so you can much it anytime without guilt. The tahini gives it subtle savory international notes, the honey adds mild natural sweetness, and the lentils give it its classic crunch.

Try this healthy snack after a workout. Pro-Chi’s protein to carb ratio make it ideal as a post-workout snack to recover muscles and recharge your energy. It’s great as a beach snack, late night snack or anywhere in between. Nutritionally it’s far better better than any chips you might be tempted to eat and they rival the taste. You may be used to chickpeas and chickpea snacks, but lentils are taking over!

Like all of our products, Pro-Chi Tahini Clusters doubles as a tasty protein topper. Add it to top your smoothie, parfaits, chia puddings and more. (I love it added to smoothie bowl recipes!)

Yay for healthy snacking!

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