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Munch it. Cook with it. Sprinkle it.

Pro-Chi turns the ordinary into something interesting and delicious. There are so many ways to enjoy Pro-Chi.  It’s convenience makes it a stand out. Visit our shop and check out some of our recipes ideas.


Great taste with great nutrition.

  • A healthy snack any time of the day.  Enjoy Pro-Chi as a meal replacement snack, a post-workout snack, or as a late night snack.
  • Pro-Chi is a great healthy snack idea for kids!
  • Delicious plant protein that can be added to any recipe. Its crunch and flavor make delicious healthy snacking and cooking easier. Check out our recipes here.
  • Pro-Chi is a low glycemic snack.  It will satiate you without spiking your blood sugar so that you feel full longer.  Pro-Chi is the perfect snack for fitness and anyone keeping a low sugar diet.

NEW Pro-Chi Protein Crunch is available in three delicious flavors.

  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Almond Butter Raisin
  • Tahini Clusters


Pro-Chi Lentil Crunch is a plant-protein topper available in two delicious flavors.

  • Simply Salted
  • Harissa Lime

We use high quality organic, sprouted lentils and hand-bake them to crunchy perfection.

  • Sprouting the lentils increases their nutrient quality and their bioavailability so your body can better use the nutrients.
  • Lentils are a superfood and contain high levels of iron, potassium and other vital micronutrients.
  • Pro-Chi has an ideal carb to protein ratio for athletic recovery helping you heal and regain your energy after a workout
  • Our products are also very satiating, keeping cravings at bay so you don’t feel hungry all day.
  • Simply Salted, Harissa Lime and Dark Chocolate Drizzle flavors are vegan snacks; Tahini Clusters are plant based and contain honey.
  • All Pro-Chi products are gluten and grain free snacks.*
  • Nutritional details here.*

Get to Know Us

Kim Baker Foods was founded in the spirit of transformation and Pro-Chi puts that in the palm of your hand.  Our passion for our products is based on our belief in their ability to strengthen our body and our Chi – our life force. Learn more about how Pro-Chi not only makes delicious healthy snacking and cooking easier but also makes a difference in our lives and community.

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