Seeding Wellness, Together

Since our founding, giving back has been an important part of what we do.  We donate to organizations including FeedMore several times each year to spread seeds of wellness throughout our community. We appreciate the value of supporting one another and believe that together, we can make a difference in meaningful ways.

Why Lentils?

The superfood that strengthens

Lentils have been celebrated since ancient times all over the world for their nutrition. Growing up, lentils were revered and represented strength. My mother would cook them whenever we faced a challenge and needed to feel courageous. For us it was symbolic, but it is actually based on fact. Lentils are a great source of iron and other nutrients that increase energy, muscle function, and immune function. Inside each tiny lentil seed is what it takes for us to feel strong physically and that makes us stronger in mind and spirit.  And when we share them, we are also strengthened in community. My mother’s spirit lives on past her years, and her artwork is printed on each package of Pro-Chi I share with you.  

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Our Story

Kim Baker Foods was founded with the idea that any circumstance in life can be used to have a positive impact.  Watch a video about our beginning and read our blog taking you through our culinary journey and the origins of Pro-Chi.


In The Press

  We celebrate the home cook and all you do to bring good food into your home and share it with the people you love. Cooking with and for you is our passion. Learn more about us and our deliciously different approach to healthy eating.


Made For You

We are here for you – as your advocate.  So that, delicious healthy food is made easier. We celebrate you – the home cook. We recognize all that you do to support a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family.

Our approach to food can be summed up in three words: good, clean, fun. We believe food needs to have all three elements. Our delicious healthy recipes and snacks have been created to make healthy lifestyle success a little simpler.

Feed Your Chi

Get Curious

Pro-Chi is a healthy snack and protein topper that is deliciously crunchy and delightfully unexpected. It’s perfect for munching on-the go.  Pro-Chi also adds crunch and plant-based nutrition to top salad, yogurt, baked goods and more. It is a healthy snack that is great for fitness to and to refuel after a workout.  It’s also a guiltless crunchy snack to enjoy at night and a safe, nut-free snack for school that kids love.  Shop and check out our recipes here.

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